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veces de vista:53  Lighting designer
 industria  clase de tecnología/ investigación y desarrollo  puesto  Ingeniero de calidad de LED
 Departamento de poner anuncio de trabajo  Lighting designer  número de oferta de trabajo  1人
 áreas de trabajo    naturaleza del trabajo   a tiempo completo
 requisitos del sexo  Ilimitado  requisitos del matrimonio  Ilimitado
 requisitos académicos  Ilimitado  experiencia laboral  ilimitación
 edad  todas las edades  nivel de tratamiento  negociable
 actualizar la fecha  2019-06-21  válido hasta el dia  1960-10-07
 Descripción del trabajo
1: Bachelor degree or above, with architectural design, landscape design, lighting design, interior design or art-related educational background and more than two years working experience in similar positions; 2: Understanding environmental art, art or lighting technology and electrical knowledge, understand the building structure, construction and project budget, 3: Familiar with a variety of light sources, lighting brands; 4: Familiar with FLASH, 3DMAX, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and other basic drawing software and illumination calculation software; 5: The best has a certain aesthetic foundation, a good sense of space and color feeling, thinking, active, unique lighting design, the LED lights have a deep understanding of landscape projects and to separate design; 6: with a strong practical ability and sense of innovation.

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 resentación de empresa
British company is a pure R & D, design, production, sales, engineering solutions, integrated services in one of the international photovoltaic science and technology industry groups, the LED optical display technology, LED energy saving lighting technology, LED optical cutting-edge solar energy application technology, science and technology , has a strong foundation and unique advantages, optoelectronic technology industry in China, one of the landmark. Plain English for its excellent technology and quality, excellent service and reputation, has been the global customers, governments and society are widely recognized, has been assessed as "Guangdong private technology enterprise", "Huizhou LED lighting technology research and development Center "," China Lighting brands bases recommended brand. "In recent years, the British capture of pure LED lighting applications in mainstream applications and intelligent lighting technology in the most critical bottlenecks, effective solution to the LED brightness, luminous efficiency, heat dissipation, light decay and other technical issues, access to a number of domestic and international patents, patent involve electronic, optical, thermal conductivity, function, structure, design and other aspects. While the LED lighting product packaging systems, optical systems, cooling systems and drive circuits and other areas related to the project's technical development, production cooperation. Unihero Group always adhere to the "original type of intellectual property rights as the fundamental driving force of modern high-tech new products and business application technology as a means to energy saving mission," the business development strategy, continuous development of cutting-edge optical technology field original application of science and technology and high-end technology to provide high-end green optoelectronic technology applications and improve the global service. Pure British adhering to the "adults up to have great virtue of" the spirit of enterprise, for the human green, save energy will contribute to the cause. Business development is a result of market-oriented LED lamps across the country Recruitment agents and dealers to join, and seek common development, interested, please contact us.
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