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acerca de nosotros is a communication bridge for the led enterprise all over the world .

The site offer Chinese, English, German and other languages sites at the same time for the global LED business, to help companies import and export.

Our services:
As a professional LED industry Web site, we will provide a full range of multi-level high-quality products, information and advisory services;

As a LED industry professional trading platform, multi-channel security online payment , in real time across time and space inter-regional trade;

Fully integrated China LED materials, LED devices, LED factory, LED equipment and other resources and to overseas, while the introduction of overseas resources to China;
Liang launched a strong information network in Chinese, English, German and other languages ??sites, the site will cover most countries, companies around the world to build bridges of LED industry; in the major light-known sites, print ads, professional magazines and newspapers, the expertise of professional exhibition around many countries and the mainstream media for strong advocacy, and Base on liang network, organized China pavilion in the overseas promotion and abroad of professional LED Technology companies in the country do to promote;

To help overseas LED companies investment and build factories in China and provide a wide range of investigative services, and real-time interaction with domestic enterprises, achive a win-win sharing;

Transnational LED recruitment, talent exchange.

Our goal:

Help LED export, creating the world's most professional LED trading platform !


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