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Huizhou Chunying semiconductor lighting technology company

LED Tube; LED light source; LED bulbs; LED lamp; LED Downlight; LED lighting; LED panel lights; LED lights; LED Grille; LED display; LED solar lights; LED wash light intensity; LED light products;

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British company is a pure R & D, design, production, sales, engineering solutions, integrated services in one of the international photovoltaic science and technology industry groups, the LED optical display technology, LED energy saving lighting technology, LED optical cutting-edge solar energy application technology, science and technology , has a strong foundation and unique advantages, optoelectronic technology industry in China, one of the landmark. Plain English for its excellent technology and quality, excellent service and reputation, has been the global customers, governments and society are widely recognized, has been assessed as "Guangdong private technology enterprise", "Huizhou LED lighting technology research and development Center "," China Lighting brands bases recommended brand. "In recent years, the British capture of pure LED lighting applications in mainstream applications and intelligent lighting technology in the most critical bottlenecks, effective solution t... [presentación de detalles]
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