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LED Wall Washer, LED Floodlight, LED light bar, LED spot light, LED piercing lights, LED digital tubes, LED control system, LED strobes, LED pixel lights, LED wall lights, LED ceiling lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED spotlight, LED remote light cup, LED lights, power ball

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Shenzhen Hui Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in developing, manufacturing and sales of LED landscape lighting, building lighting, bridges, contour light, LED commercial lighting, LED advertising light, LED digital controller, neon digital controller and other products, urban lighting lighting effects and 3D animation design professional business. The company's products are divided into four categories: LED landscape lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED advertising light, LED controller. New benefits to attract a number of experienced electronic engineers, lighting designers and lighting professional R & D personnel, can be well designed to provide customers with complete installation instructions and other programs and after-sales service. Company energy saving, green lighting for the idea, for all mankind contribute to the cause of environmental protection energy-efficient lighting. [presentación de detalles]
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