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veces de vista:24  Quality Control Manager
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 Departamento de poner anuncio de trabajo  Quality Control Manager  número de oferta de trabajo  1人
 áreas de trabajo    naturaleza del trabajo   a tiempo completo
 requisitos del sexo  Ilimitado  requisitos del matrimonio  Ilimitado
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 actualizar la fecha  2019-06-21  válido hasta el dia  1970-01-01
 Descripción del trabajo
Job Description: Responsibilities: 1. responsible for planning, establishing the company as the center of LED display products, the quality assurance system. 2. planning, establishment and improvement of Quality Control Division, Ministry of LED display team and team building. 3. the planning, establishment and improvement of the work must be carried out by the various systems guide. 4. according to company's request for work-related reporting (data and reports progress to report his work, etc.). 5. to complete other matters assigned by supervisor. Requirements: 1.28-40 years old, college degree (engineering or management) English IV. 2.8 years of foreign manufacturing enterprises and medium-sized or quality management experience, including at least three years of quality manager or equivalent position management functions, LED display with more than three years work experience. 3. on the process design and management, time management, ISO / TS16949 process, TQM / QCC / 6 Sigma / 8D quality control techniques are familiar with the audit or audit capacity to understand the operation analysis and optimization of internal controls. 4. for optoelectronic products familiar, LED display products familiar. Location: Chongqing Interested parties send resume to: [email protected]

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 resentación de empresa
The company depended on the group formidable brand strength to condense a large quantities of field senior optoelectronic technology experts, had the entire LED industry chain's R&D ability, the product covers LED display panel, LED illumination and LED headlight series, widely applied to chart domains and article demonstration and video frequency media for indoor and outdoor events, indoor and outdoor illumination and bright project, automobile and motorcycle illumination fields. In 2009, Malata Group invested USD30,000,000 to set up Malata (Chongqing) Science & Technology Ltd. Co., (Located in Malata electro-optic industry garden) which occupies a area of 133,200 m², owning the world advanced LED production line and the testing & measurement center, simultaneously we have passed ISO9001 quality control system comprehensively. Malata abides by a stringent service system throughout the production process, which runs from product design, production, manufacturing, to pre-sale, under sales and after sales service. And up to now, Malata has successfully established 4 sales & service centers in domestic market (including: South China sales center, North China sales center, East China sales center and Overseas sales center).Observing the concept of "Make constant improvement to satisfy customer needs", Malata is focused on developing new products and improving production technique. Our products passed the quality test conducted by professional institutions, including RoHS, UL, CCC, CE, IP67 dustproof & waterproof test, energy-saving test, flame retardant test, seismic test, sunlight dazzle prevention test, electromagnetic compatibility test, high/low-temperature test, and heavy metal content test. Malata always adheres to the operation philosophy of “Innovation, Service and People-oriented”. Based on the first-class automated production facility and technical and management team, Malata is committed to the popularization of the LED display produces all over the world. We have presented many new products every year that exceed user’s expectation.
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