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LED lights embarrassment channel construction

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led lighting appliances, the application of time not less, has been included as a supporting role in the sale of stores in the days of fluorescent light should be coming to an end, LED lights this should have their own sites, your main character should be sung. In fact, this is the inevitable trend of LED development of the market.
First, as the emerging LED lighting appliances should be the promotion and popularization of, always as a product to go with the market, not only is not conducive to brand building, and other after-sales professional will also give consumers do not lose faith;
Second, although the LED lighting does not fully mature at this stage, but its market space is no doubt that China's large market, a variety of customer groups are a minority, LED lighting should also be positive to intercept part of its customer base;
Furthermore, LED lighting need to alleviate the current network channel B2B, B2C facing the after-sales burden.

LED lighting finally comes a calm, a number of responsible service LED on the current difficult business unforgettable. However, when the traditional channels of fluorescent energy-saving lamps and done almost completely mature when wind and water, LED lighting, channel investment is difficult. Detailed analysis, the following points:
First, compared to conventional energy-saving lamps, LED lighting in a very short time to market, plus LED's sales are mainly conducted online platform, many consumers have only heard or online to see, and no real understanding of LED lamps, LED industry in general awareness is not high, which led directly to many distributors lack of confidence;
Second, LED specialty formation, is based on a sound and relatively complete product line conditions. And at this stage, LED lighting product range is relatively small, not enough to prop up the store, consumers do not have much time to buy choice, which is a lot of LED has yet to buy the store brand of the main reasons.
Third, LED lighting is an emerging industry, started late, and the Unlike previous fluorescent lamps, the industry characteristics are relatively strong, very little useful experience, there are no reliable and feasible investment channels can follow the constitution, leading to the construction process take in the channel a lot of detours;
Fourth, once the Channel formed, it means that the LED from production to sale of all the links should be smooth, but the LED industry, less professional personnel, whether professional sales staff or maintenance staff are very lacking in talent, while the lack of Many dealers take into account regional operations can not be determined by various factors, and has yet to carry out plans;
Fifth, prices are generally high, which is the bottleneck of LED channel investment. LED to be quite as magical, but actually it is just a lighting equipment, this is its true identity, so it was fitting to the consumer as much as possible, from performance to price. However, the market performance of LED is not the case can be summarized in few words. If the LED life of 50,000 hours really, that at the current price of LED lighting it is in excellent value for money, but the LED for lighting history are not enough of 50,000 hours. Consumers, dealers want to engage in LED "on the paper's I felt, knowledge from this practice is essential," the feeling is still there. Another LED high prices, high costs make regional operations, so the choice between manufacturers began creating a LED is not a What a smooth channel;
Six, not started, the market has been hell broke loose. Homogenization of competition has never been any good "stuff", which not only provoked the healthy development of the nerve with the more confused the consumer dilemma. As we all know, is not well in the LED lighting patent protection under the premise of the homogenization of "competition" phenomenon "Pop" was a mess. I recently visited the market and found a lot of LED lamps is very similar to the shape and function exactly the same highlights the nature of description, but the price is different. The same product, are in a traditional store with sales of energy-saving, also do not have professional after-sales, and why prices are so poor? This situation is also critical to the construction of LED light sources with a stick. But as people within the industry, I'm hoping to support LED channels can ripe, but also the clear LED lighting industry market, to buy LED products sold to consumers at ease, used no worries.
LED has a non-specific calculation of the huge market space, it is learned, there are currently including the rectangular lighting, LED Spike, and many companies are carrying out intensive work of the Greater China region channels. These problems are more short-term, LED lighting is the situation in the trend of development, which added a lot of people in the lung power LED lighting. Anyway, money is the last word!

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