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The subway entrance for the first time the domestic large-screen LED display installation

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Guang Hua Yuan subway quarter, Qui Qi Road, Temple, silang 4 large traffic exit the subway station, will be installed on a large LED display. This is the first large-scale installation in the subway entrance led display screen, the countdown will be used to stop the train, breakdown maintenance, public advertising and the release of information until after the trial is expected to promote the country.
Guangfo officially opened subway line will open to the public free of charge in advance before the test ride. From today to 27 days, was chosen for the lucky people can get a ticket it! Guangzhou-Foshan metro network test ride coupons brought a total of 13 votes. In addition, Foshan Municipal League will be organized to carry out the "wonderful Asian Games, the subway first," volunteer service activities, volunteers will be about 3,700 trips into Foshan, Guangzhou-Foshan metro area of ​​11 sites.

According to reports, Guangzhou-Foshan metro Xianan Depot ushered in two new car. It is reported that Guangzhou and Foshan were purchased 27 metro trains, next year will all reach the Foshan. Early last month, 14 trains will be put in place a "metro" signs, follow-up of 13 have adopted the "Foshan Metro" signs. The trains are the first arrival "Foshan Subway" marked vehicle. All of the 27 trains in operation, traffic is expected from the 9 minute interval gradually shortened.

Southern News reporter Tong Sina, the relevant department from the South China Sea area, Guangzhou and Foshan metro areas in the South China will build five sites are temporary car parks, parking spaces will exceed 1,200, in addition to finance high-tech zones outside the station, Guicheng Station, South Kwai Road Station, insects Ray Kong Station and the temporary station car park and greenery will be put into use in subway over the same period. Finance High-tech Zone has been planning to build a station 6,000 square meters of underground parking, is expected to put into use next year. The remaining four sites of the underground car park, with a total area of ​​over thirty thousand square meters, a total of 1,000 parking spaces available.

Quarter of Hua Yuan stations are located out of station 4, C and D will now open two. Fenjiang two exits located at the junction of South Road and Ying Yam Road, across the street from the park with quarter of China. The metro north, there is reliance on Jade Garden, Rose Garden, and other real estate Greenville century.

Press exit in the quarter that Wah Yuen C, construction workers are installing a large LED screen. Screen inlaid with red steel frame, consistent with the overall style of the MTR. Engineering personnel, the display of about 5m 2. 10 月 28 deadline will be completed, including within the quarter stood silang Wah Yuen, Guicheng, Temple 4 station installation. The display can automatically control temperature and humidity.

D workers sitting in the export rest said they were responsible for the installation station hall 2 m × 3 m within a large LCD screen, so the public can watch the Asian car clearance event. In addition, silang, Temple 3 Guicheng and broadcast stations to watch the Asian Games.

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