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LED manufacturers poised to start in Xiamen

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Fujian Quality News Network - "Quality management in Fujian," News: In recent years, led high-tech optoelectronics industry, represented by a very rapid development in Xiamen, Fujian, and the country has become a typical industrial base (currently the only state optoelectronics industry cluster pilot) , has a complete industrial chain, and product market development is also the leading position, eye-catching performance in the market competition. At the same time over the years, Xiamen and Taiwan-related enterprises in the industries conducted extensive and close cooperation, forming a high-profile "Channel characteristics."
"Xiamen production of LED chip production has continued to maintain the mainland first, the production of more than half of the mainland. We expect that by 2010, Xiamen semiconductor lighting industry output will reach 1,000 billion yuan, will become the fourth pillar industries in Xiamen." Xiamen Geng, Vice Mayor of leaf weight when in an interview said. Optoelectronics industry has gradually become Xiamen Economic Zone Hercynian a bright spot on the map.
LED industry cluster-style development in Xiamen, the formation of a strong industry competitiveness. In "Torch (Xiang) industrial area" and "Siming optoelectronic industry base," the two major industrial park base, together with "Three photoelectric" "letter of optical" and other well-known large number of LED manufacturers, employing 40,000 people, total investment in recent years, more than 70 billion yuan. In the "9.8" such as the Fair during the major economic and trade activities, LED industry have become an important investment destination, LED lighting, LED displays and other high-tech photoelectric products repeatedly won the public eye.
Recently, energy saving Xiamen City, Xiamen City Economic Development Office and awarded the "energy-saving technologies and products in Xiamen Recommended List" of key enterprises in Xiamen - Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Xinda the application of industry accepted correspondents Lin Bin, director of the interview, he high-tech product development, cross-strait industrial cooperation features and how to deal with the increasingly fierce competition, domestic and foreign counterparts about his views on the issue.
Reporter: In recent years, Xiamen, Fujian, and the country has become a typical industrial base, has a complete industrial chain, and development of products in the market leading position in the country. The main reason for that? What are the advantages?
Lin Bin: The main reason lies in the optoelectronic industry associations in Fujian Province, Xiamen City Technology Innovation Alliance optoelectronics industry group to promote the role, but also start the development of efficient use of local chip production and application of key technologies of semiconductor lighting industrial projects, LED street lamp demonstration projects . The advantage is to promote the integration of various resources, particularly resources to promote cross-strait integration industry as a whole, making the industry very rapidly.
Reporter: Since the meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, "low carbon" concept has become the consensus of mankind, but also business goals personally. To establish the city of energy saving LED product manufacturers how to achieve "low carbon" concept? Save power consumption can be better reflected in the product, production process, how to do it green "low carbon"?
Lin Bin: from the semiconductor light-emitting diode to its applications, the company has a complete set of automatic production equipment and testing equipment, strict implementation of ISO management. Purification plant and the application of LED packaging production lines, each process for the production of both strict checks to ensure product quality. Never expected testing, to production, testing, to finished product testing and inspection before the library are based on prudent norms to develop a good operation, strict control.
In order to achieve the production process of green carbon, our main measures: the lighting on the use of LED lighting production for the replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamp; production of materials used can be recycled environmentally friendly material; increase production efficiency and reduce unnecessary losses and other measures.
Reporter: Enterprise technology innovation, science and technology to work to carry out the situation like? What kind of results? What are the important features of products?
Lin Bin: LED lights, LED tunnel light of research and development has been the focus of early 2009, 120w, 150w lamps (non-planar) went into operation, and began to market. According to market needs, planar 200wLED street officially approved in May and trial production in September, and then installed in the road test Luling, to achieve the desired results. Present a full range of lamps (30w ~ 220w) have been successfully put into production, and installed in Jingzhou, Chongqing, Wuhu, Tianjin, Xiamen and other cities, users reflect the good results.
Meanwhile, with the letter of the pilot power White LED successfully applied R & D products in all street light replacement also carried out research and development, have been replaced by the products 90w, 120w, 150w, 180w and 200w, greatly reducing the street products, raw materials costs. (C) the successful development of 200wLED street, based on the new 150wLED lights (third generation) series of R & D, May 2010 production. The product has a head tilt can be adjusted, the entire lighting efficiency of up to 85lm / w, the second generation of LED lamp products than 70lm / w increase by 20%.
Developed in 2008 by LED tunnel lights have been included in Fujian Province, a high-speed test and control products catalog, on this basis, has developed a planar tunnel light 50W ~ 120W, have been put into mass production. Similarly, in the tunnel lights also have developed high-power white LED using the letter of the various models. In our development of the LED Tunnel Light Series LED also uses the lens of self-developed to control light distribution purposes.
Reporter: For many years, Xiamen and Taiwan enterprises in the industries related to extensive and close cooperation, then the cross-strait business cooperation mainly in what way? You for your cooperation with Taiwan optoelectronics companies what new prospects?
Lin Bin: cooperation mainly in personnel, equipment and technology. Director of the company's packaging industry came from Taiwan, the company packages are also a lot of new equipment imported from Taiwan. As for future cross-strait business cooperation, we hope that the exchange can be more convenient, including more rapid cross-strait transportation, communication and interaction channels, such as more diverse expectations.
Reporter: the face of fierce competition in international and domestic counterparts, coupled with the recent raw material prices continue to rise, lack of professionals, labor costs, recruitment difficulties and other issues, LED manufacturers do?
Lin Bin: a sense of mission and responsibility as a business, a complete training system mature talent management is a long-term infrastructure projects. Long time, we always adhere to the by-modern approach to strengthening the training of staff, training needs from their own internal talent, while strengthening the standardization of production management, to prevent the movement of large significant impact on product quality.
Reporter: The new situation, product development, marketing strategy, corporate brand building in the planning of any new changes and features?
Lin Bin: the new situation, regardless of product development, marketing, corporate brand building in the planning, all starting from the starting point, good preparation for international competition.

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