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Suzhou Intelligent bus trip brought a new feeling

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"Waiting" is the city by bus normal family life. Recently, this subject of public criticism of the norm in the Suzhou Industrial Park was broken. By the Administrative Committee of Suzhou and Suzhou Industrial Park, moving together to create intelligent transportation system, using new technology arm of things the bus, not only greatly facilitate the public bus travel, and effectively implement the science of public transportation vehicles, scheduling, public transport for the current urban development provides a successful business model.
Suzhou Industrial Park, public transportation, according to company officials, in recent years, with the rapid economic development of Suzhou, the vehicle population and road traffic efficiency decreased proliferation of the contradiction between the increasingly apparent, are not allowed to run buses, the waiting time is far away from passenger's expectation has become a prominent issue, Suzhou, intelligent transportation construction result was put on the agenda. Intelligent transportation system from April 2009 to start operations so far, only the proportion of public transit has increased, industrial park traffic Ludu situation a certain degree of ease.

Science from the blind and other vehicles to take the election

Several of the members of the public mind by public transport

Ms. Lee, who lives in the Suzhou Industrial Park will be out the door every day, send a text message, check what they have to take the time required to reach the car. After receiving a response message that she could know to take the 219 bus a few stops to go to there, from the need to go to the station house five or six minutes, estimate the time required collated Lee calmly go out. To the bus station, Ms. Lee looked at the station electronic stop sign, take the vehicle to stop there is a way to go to a brief wait, they easily take the 219 bus.

Suzhou Industrial Park, public transportation, according to company officials, and now this quiet bus, like Ms. Lee are more and more people. The industrial park are more than 400 buses have installed GPS, the park's bus stops are set LED electronic display, and equipped with a unique site number. People led by the station's electronic stop sign, "96196" hotline transport services, mobile handheld bus SMS query traffic aspect of Suzhou and Suzhou Mobile Life Network website and other methods, real-time vehicle arrival station query specific information, the most recent bus station information, science plan their bus trips, reasonable arrangements for waiting time. Intelligent transportation system operational a year ago, now has more than 30 million people a day to enjoy the convenience of smart public transportation.

Remote vehicle scheduling

Smart Bus significantly improve operational efficiency

The emergence of intelligent public transport is not only easier for the public by public transport, but also to the park management and scheduling of bus information to catch the express train. It implements a simple manual scheduling to dynamic control, real-time scheduling of the leap, which greatly improves the efficiency of bus operations.

In the mobile platform, the park bus dispatch room, driving buses and dispersed sites to achieve real-time transmission of information. More than 400 vehicles park bus terminal installed GPS vehicle, automatic speech-stop, intelligent slot machines, electronic equipment, the amount of new oil, of which the larger traffic Suzhou Industrial Park, 150 buses have also installed video surveillance equipment. Thus, the electronic map in the monitoring center can be seen on every bus in the operation of the specific location, car travel status. LED display message signs with the bus station built mobile signal receiving module for receiving GPS positioning controller bus location information sent to and from bus control center to control information, and the installation of an electronic bus stop The bus stops at the top there are video cameras monitoring center for real-time observation of bus traffic and law and order situation.

Monitoring by staff of the Centre line operating vehicles, motor vehicles, the location and site maintenance vehicle dynamic real-time monitoring the number of passengers, according to the actual scientific organization of the operations of the frequency of public transport vehicles, intelligent operations scheduling for vehicles, human resources, field stations and other production resources to achieve the most optimal configuration, but also enhance the public transportation system, emergency response capabilities.

Oil, real-time control the speed ... ...

More exciting things together in public transportation

According to Suzhou moving person in charge of scheduling convenience only intelligent car and science and public transportation for people to open the first page, the next will carry out more extensive applications. If the amount of oil fuel buses used to be extensive, and now uses the exact amount of oil of electronic equipment, not only in time that the bus's fuel consumption, can also oil the situation on the bus for data statistical analysis, improve the public transportation system, fuel consumption management. Another example is the installation of speed alarm device bus, the driver of a speeding, the monitoring center can see, this can improve the safety of bus travel. Another example is to install smart coin equipment, coins and banknotes can be achieved for the respective statistics, to better measure the flow of the site, and more scientifically arranged trips ... ...

Currently, public transport and the city of Suzhou Industrial Park, other companies have realized the information bus docking, while the other bus companies in Suzhou city began to promote intelligent public transport. It can be predicted that the bus will give things together people's lives more convenient and pleasant surprise.

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