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Huaqiang North Trade Center into the largest LED

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Is located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Huaqiang Square led International Procurement Exchange Center II project opening, LED on-line e-commerce platform over the same period. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Lu Ruifeng, attended the launching ceremony.

LED International Procurement Exchange Center invested by the Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, the scale up to 1 million square meters, brought together more than 100 leading companies, tens of thousands of products. Center for a total of three functional areas, set LED products, purchase transactions, lighting solutions, physical and virtual market integration market as a whole, is the country's first, largest and most versatile LED products trading center.

This year in August, in the "Taiwan and Guangdong Week", the Huaqiang Group and with the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association signed a cooperation agreement was established in the center of "Taiwan LED product showroom. " Experts predict that trading center of Shenzhen LED annual turnover of more than 20 billion yuan, will effectively guide the completion of the Shenzhen LED industry to scale, standardization, international development, while rich format Huaqiang North, Huaqiang North to promote high-end, international restructuring .

LED e-commerce platform in the trading center, set up experience zone and equipped with computers and check the terminals, the site brings together a wealth of industry information, users can check real-time online trading orders and inventory. Currently, the site has registered more than 5 family members, average daily traffic of over 10 million.

LED applications and Market Development Forum held simultaneously, to explore solutions to difficult technical problems and to discuss the weak link in the industrial chain and coordinated development of ideas, summarize the emerging issues and market approach of LED industry, driven by investment opportunities policy To promote good business and projects.

It is understood that more than 1,150 enterprises in Shenzhen existing LED production and sales accounting for about 35% of scale, China's seven major industrial base of the LED. Shenzhen Municipal Government in the lead in the introduction of the LED industry development plan, support the development of this emerging industry. Last year, the industry output value of more than 24 billion yuan, the growth rate 30%. 2015, the output value will reach 150 billion yuan.

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