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Sony source Rowan are: out of the homogenization errors, LED enterprise survival and development can

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Seventh China Solid State Lighting Exhibition & Forum on October 23 under the curtain of sunset. Show more active in the previous Sony semiconductor lighting source in the current exhibition is seat spectator, reason, frequent exhibitions and led the product homogeneity makes the concept of exhibitors and exhibition business is deeply tired. Sony Chief Engineer, Mr. Luo Wenzheng source told reporters China LED Net deeply about his development of the Chinese LED industry perspective and industry issues of concern.

LED product homogeneity lead to lower quality show

In this exhibition, exhibitors are not many, mostly in the local name of the exhibition concept of development is only a few colleagues. Rowan is that LED lighting products which tend to have a considerable homogeneity of the relationship. Rowan is that since the LED products and technologies to similar and watch people who show no surprises and harvest before, warm it gradually cooling. But this forum is very popular, that LED technology or business seeking the hungry, this is a very good sign.

Break free of the innovation to win

Rowan is said that in the next three to five years, LED lighting products will be gradually standardized, and standardized as conventional products. And this time also gradually usher in major reshuffle LED industry, other industries will be like a brand, technology, enterprises have the capital strength will be based on the LED industry, and some low-end, brand-name companies only in the slit to survive, of course, some companies take the narrow market, a large share of the survival and development of small market.

Sony to talk about light, Rowan is said, Sony is the phosphor light started. Long afterglow in a leading position in the international, in 2008 and Japan did win the case of chemical patents to Sony became famous in the international light-emitting materials sector, with the three PDP phosphors and LED phosphor technology to become the capital of Sony.

Rowan is that the LED lighting industry in the current, street lamps and tunnel lamps are popular, but the fact they are not making money. This is imported with the government investment and policies are very closely related to general business is difficult to make a profit. Sony began to cut into it 07 indoor lighting, indoor lighting has become the Sony has a major product direction.

Into the LED industry is very complex business background, to do household appliances such as the United States, the traditional lighting of the NVC, Eddie optical drive power, the car of BYD. Rowan is that there is nothing wrong with such a large-scale enterprises, but also from the side reaction of the LED industry from the emerging industry into a speculative trade, poaching each other because of manpower shortage, but also LED products to the beginning of homogenization. Sony made from scratch, just get rid of the shackles of traditional lighting. Rowan is that, now mostly in Europe and America, and experts believe that Japan's semiconductor industry, LED light source is a new generation should not blindly follow the idea of ​​energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps because of their luminescent properties and principles are not the same. Sony on this concept are more advanced in the field of LED lighting applications the major components of the innovation has reached more than 50 patents, more is now an annual rate of more than 50 increases.

To achieve cross-licensing, reducing the cost of LED

Become the industry's concerns about the Chinese market testing ground for foreign LED products, Rowan is also working with the concerns. However, the relevant departments in China have realized the problem and response measures have been introduced, as is said Rowan. Rare earth is China's strategic resources, luminescent materials, electronic information field and a number of advanced weapons to essential raw materials, accounting for 70% of total rare earth world, and over-exploitation is not entirely rare earth resources led to the loss of our very serious with cheap exports, and now storage is only 40% of the world, so the state has control of rare earth resources. Also now includes Sony, including large domestic LED manufacturers are seeking ways to LED products have been more stable, more reliable, then the size of the product market, and gradually reduce costs and lower prices. To meddle in foreign countries in China before lighting giants dominate the market, strong. Rowan is that, precisely because China does not have, such as Philips, OSRAM giants such traditional lighting, LED lighting, so there is no burden, so when the market is mature, can only seek cooperation of foreign giants, China's brand of lighting companies have not been annexed at risk.

Rowan is in view, the current core areas of our country's patents in the few large enterprises should apply for the patent applications. Because no matter how the core technology of LED around the market, the product is bound into the application link. When we have a large number of applications after the patent and market share, with foreign giants to achieve patent cross-licensing in order to reverse the passive situation. Rowan is predicted that if a breakthrough from the core technology of MOCVD to the chip, then the entire semiconductor lighting just like today's mobile phones, computers, like the cost will be reduced at a rate of 20-30% per year.

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