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Secret difficult technical director of the opening ceremony of LED tribute

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August 8 at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony held at the National Stadium Bird's Nest grand, grand opening ceremony show of Chinese culture left a deep impression on the world, it also brings many questions: how can the rising rings moment there, a giant picture of how the rotation, and so on. After the interview with reporters in the performing arts technical director of the opening ceremony of the two engineers Houjun Xiang and Wen Qinglin, the original LED in here to play a big role.

One question: how can the five rings of rising suddenly come?

Hou Junxiang director told reporters: "In fact, the rings formed by the LED lights, that is, to light emitting diode, spent a total of more than 40,000 senior diode, formed a 36 × 12.5-meter giant rings. In fact, it rose early on the air, and light in an instant through the sensing element. So in both sides of the audience thought the rings is the moment appears, in fact, is the lighting effect. to the last five rings suddenly stand up, is this principle. "

Question two: a giant picture of how the rotation?

Wenqing Lin, director of description: "a piece of paper, a large screen, a five rings, one of the four global focus of the opening ceremony, the four series into focus by the two scrolls, you must put them together to put together the whole organic market opening ceremony. From the perspective of both the audience in the beautiful turned the scrolls, the actual is not the case, they simply can not rotate, but translation, the same as the two doors. in order to create the effect of rotation, and technical personnel through different wiring harness In light of the principle of different states, with LED lights gradually go out and light up the principle, the effect of manufacturing into a spin. Meanwhile, in order to achieve more realistic effects, and scrolls inside the wood core is indeed in turn, this reduces the load weight. "

Question three: the ground drawing paper really paper?

Wenqing Lin told reporters: "drawing paper the ground 2 meters in diameter, length 76 meters, it is really a piece of paper, but after a special treatment, it is built batteries, and can automatically open and close. Dancers indeed painting, through a special ink and paint painted in white, the first is the traditional ink painting, the children painted a second color pigment is, in fact, everyone here thought unfinished, is not the case in the entrance ceremony by 205 countries from around the world and regions of the athletes left the footprints, which brings together the world's most gorgeous tracks, symbolized the perfect fusion of China and the world. It is wonderful to link to the final lighting ceremony. "

Houjun Xiang said: "drawing paper with two scrolls, formed a 147 meters long, 36 meters wide, with a total area of ​​3240 square meters in three big screen. It is a huge transparent luminous body, combined with the Master, King, things become We can see the big screen. "

Question four: how the giant ball going up for?

Opening ceremony of the last of the giant ball is the highlight of the ceremony. Speaking of the ball, Wenqing Lin surprising decryption, the original "ball" is not "ball", which is connected with a special wire into the ring, or is more appropriate to a giant lantern.

"The ball we call 'nine World'. It is a total of nine steel ring, ring and the ring is between the characteristics of fine mesh wire connected. On the ground wire when it is strung a bunch of rings, only pull fully launched into the air, it is a ball. sphere diameter of 18 meters, the space is divided into five layers from top to bottom. "

Houjun Xiang said that the steel ball is actually not difficult to do, the challenge is in how to load things on the ground quickly away.

"Underground is only 3 meters of space, above the 50 tons of load. To less than 8 minutes in all removed, the most difficult place. In the 17 meters of the pit, the machine can not be used manually About 100 staff to cover the top of the props, designed to open 10. and then to ensure that the speed of 0.5 meters per second, so that 'ball' body rose from the pit -6 meters up, with a total of 30 trips meters in 1 minute rose-bit. "

Houjun Xiang said: "Nine Universal moved in the last part of the world, the Earth is our home this belief passed to everyone in the world, to make the world into a community, should be said that behind the technical means and the final effect is achieved unprecedented, is perfect. worthwhile for all the work it took 3 years to complete. "

Wenqing Lin said at the opening of this giant rising from the previous rehearsal and exercise ball is the most successful one, most of the staff after seeing the results so successful cry with excitement.

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