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LED energy saving lights and then break

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LED energy saving lights and then break - record Optical philosophy to "LED directional lighting, ultra-low power main road street" project

Energy shortages and environmental crises, have in all countries and enterprises to reach a consensus, the past decade, the world continued to promote energy conservation policies, LED energy saving lamp business continues to heat up, a wide range of LED energy saving lamps have also available. Competition when the enterprises are still high-power LED cooling system, wind power complement each other, and so intelligent switching control technology, philosophy can Optoelectronics Co., Ltd Fujian is a new path, with light intensity from one point of view, developed a "directed energy-saving lamps." Lighting effects in the same condition, the philosophy that targeted energy saving lamps can photoelectric popular than the market power more than 50% energy saving LED street lamps, street lamp energy saving than the traditional 80%, can be said to be another breakthrough on energy-efficient lighting.

LED lights to technological bottlenecks

LED lighting is energy efficient with long life lamps, now applied in many fields, such as street lighting, industrial lighting, stage lighting, decorative landscape lighting, indoor lighting. As a semiconductor light-emitting materials, compared with other luminous materials, LED with its green, efficient, reliable, durable competitive advantage, enabling other luminous materials eclipsed. With the high-power LED continuously reduce costs, and gradually replace the traditional lamps become possible. LED light source illumination of the road has become a hotspot in recent years, semiconductor lighting industry. But LED lights have a large area has not been applied, the main problem is that heat is not good, there is no industry standard to regulate the product.

Philosophy can, according to Chairman Liu Zhiyong optical introduced for road, highway, city streets and other road surface street lighting to reduce glare on the driver's interference, must be used in accordance with national standards for road design and manufacture of lighting design, light projection angle cut-off 120 degrees of light lamps, for example, the traditional high pressure sodium lamps and other flood type lamp made of the installation, the light projection angle of the cut-off 120 degrees of light lamps. At present, the road surface lighting applications in the field of LED lighting, street lighting, road lighting design in order to meet national standards, mostly using a large projection angle is made of LED as a light emitting element, has a 120 degree projection angle of the lamps.

As we all know, street lighting, energy conservation law is to improve the overall uniformity, good overall uniformity of illumination can be appropriately reduced to the average brightness of lighting, which can achieve the same visual recognition to identify objects, while maintaining the purpose of energy saving . The existing street lighting, the light illumination issued as part of a great need not be projected onto the pavement outside the areas of lighting, but the road really needs to be illuminated only by accounting for all the light emitted by light source less than half of the flux, light according to a low utilization rate, resulting in loss of light and energy waste, light projected onto the pavement outside, but also the formation of unnecessary light pollution. General lighting lamps, the use of shade reflects light, resulting in uneven illumination, illumination lamps are under high places away from the light illumination is low. Easy road lighting uneven impact on motorists, leading to traffic hazards. The LED lights, the use of large projection angle, a serious light scattering, transmission is weak and difficult to achieve long-range radiation, the installation of restricted height.

Optical General Manager Liu Zhe One can sum up the current LED lamps Germany faces several major technical bottleneck. He believes, first, because scattering serious, since the level of the best with light LED lamps can only install to 8 meters in height; the second is the widely used high-power LED components, severe fever, the actual savings in energy consumption is very limited, resulting in substantial loss of energy; third with low technological level of light, serious glare, reduced visibility, bringing light pollution; Fourth, the level of cooling technology is not high, street life is short, the light fades serious; Fifth, due to the low efficiency of power lamps unnecessary step, the same price and under the effects of road lighting, there is no advantage.

Improve lighting uniformity to achieve energy saving

LED street lamp because there is a bottleneck aspects, it has been working on rapid development of a better than LED lights energy-saving products. After years of efforts, in October 2007 on rapid application of the "energy-saving lamps LED directional lighting and its manufacturing method" patents.

He invented this LED directional lighting, energy saving lamps, compared with the existing lighting has many advantages: (1) using a unique method of arrangement of LED, to achieve an accurate directional exposure. According to a predetermined target range of exposure, according to effectively improve the utilization of light to avoid light loss, energy waste and light pollution. (2) using small angle LED projection lamps as a light emitting device, greatly reducing light scattering, increased illumination intensity, LED lamps to overcome the existence of the existing installation height and exposure from the lack of restrictions. The installation height can reach 15-20 meters, can be used in areas of high pole lights. (3) to overcome the uneven illumination, without using reflector. For road lighting, even for motorists, good road lighting make driving easier and more difficult to fatigue. (4) using low-power low heat LED components, the tube surface from the circuit board to install a certain height, and number of LED arrays arranged intervals, easy to heat; reduce the current density of public power lines, effectively reducing the heat , the lamp body to form cooling channels. (5) can be AC ​​power supply systems or solar systems. The use of solar power, its system for the solar panels, batteries and controllers and other components than existing solar streetlight system reduced by half.

Low-power LED directional lighting lamps significant benefits

Philosophy can be patented optical directional lighting to LED technology, and Xiamen University to conduct the application of innovation and achieve a mathematical model by computer controlled high-efficiency one equipped with optical technology to eliminate glare and light pollution; to breakthrough horizontal Dengju designed to improve lighting uniformity, elimination of the road "great crossing" phenomenon; very low temperature drift, high stability constant current drive power, reducing system heat, light failure, in order to achieve low-power energy-saving effect.

It is based on these innovations, research and development philosophy can be optical directional lighting, low energy LED lights on the clarity of the main road, eliminate glare, light uniformity, etc. are beyond the existing national standards. The total road illumination uniformity, longitudinal uniformity of 0.6 (the national standard of 0.4); glare, disability glare control in the national standard of 1 / 10; color rendering index of 80 is about 2-3 times higher than the traditional sodium. Quality of lighting effects in the same road, the road lighting power density reduced to 50% below national standards, lighting efficiency of 90% (the national standard more than 70%). High pole lamp can be used in lighting, the breakthrough LED street lamp industry is currently unable to break through the technical bottleneck of 8-meter shot. LED lamp assembly of the core board and life to 40,000 hours (light decline below 30%), light body parts weathering life of 10 years to meet the requirements.

Street with project results, the entire street lighting system under the same investment and the traditional high pressure sodium system, the initial investment within the 20% increase, and each street lamp can save 80% per year of electricity and maintenance costs. Low-cost operation in two years to full recovery after more than 20% of the investment, up eight runs to a large number of low-cost operating cost savings.

Philosophy can be optical in October 2007 assigned to Xiamen Torch Park (Xiang) Industrial Zone, January 2008, philosophy can be optical directional LED lamps to 24 in Xiamen, Taiwan's technology business incubation center is lit up, the total design of the system power is only 1.92KW, the total construction cost of 263,000 yuan, only slightly higher than the traditional high pressure sodium 8%, the actual electricity consumption per day per lamp less than 1 degrees, 10% of the traditional high pressure sodium lamps. 0.86 yuan per kilowatt calculation, the annual electricity savings of 62,000 yuan down, very significant economic benefits, while the irradiation uniformity, light distribution method, the color factor, working temperature, group control, life indicators, etc. , is far ahead of the traditional high pressure sodium lamps. The end of 2008, leaders at all levels in Nanan City, Quanzhou Economic Advisory Group with the help of philosophy can be settled in Southampton Optoelectronics Optoelectronic Information Industry Base, to establish corporate headquarters, and the annual output of 50,000 sets of LED lighting, low-power directional trunk road lamp production line, after the completion of the project is expected to achieve annual sales income of 330 million yuan, annual profits of 50 million yuan. Test section has been completed - Jiangbei Road, Southampton LED directional lighting required for the production of lamps, lighting will be installed near future.

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