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Short-term LED may be tight supply chain

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Japanese LED industry output accounted for 29% global market share, holds an important position. Although the earthquake did not cause a significant impact overall LED industry, some factories in the Kanto region are also more without damage. But Fukushima nuclear power plant to stop operation of the power rationing measures, together with parts of the tsunami caused traffic disruption, the supply chain may be expected to make some components and materials, the phenomenon appears tight supply.
Long-term view, as the post-disaster reconstruction projects in search and rescue operations, inventory and so on come to an end manufacturers, will gradually start spending hit will also gradually restore strength. Expected energy-efficient lighting, traffic signs and other needs will continue to release for the LED industry has brought a wave of further growth momentum.
As for Japan, the status LED die manufacturers, LEDinside said of Nichia (Tokushima), Toyoda Gosei (Nagoya) to this earthquake did not affected significantly, the production is normal. Showa Denko due to some production lines located in Chiba Prefecture, in the tight power situation, how much the situation will affect their output. The other one LED package manufacturers, some production lines in the Citizen Fukushima Prefecture, to be further detailed understanding of the affected state.
As for the upstream materials, the Japanese major supplier of sapphire substrates and for the Kyocera and wood, the two companies accounted for about 20% market share worldwide, but most of the supply to the LED manufacturers in Japan use, export share is not high. Among them, and wood production in Aomori Prefecture, the plant is not damaged, but because of limited power to affect output. LED for the production of four-GaAs substrate, the main supplier was Sumitomo Electric, currently there is no tight supply situation.
MO source gases (MOSource), Japan's MOSource suppliers include Sumitomo Chemical and Shin-Etsu Chemical, are used to provide the Japanese domestic market-based, not for sale outside. But because the two companies have some production lines in the Kanto region, lack of electricity and transportation in the case of inconvenience, the subsequent output state should be observed.
MOCVD machine bearing plate with the graphite (WaferCarrier) Although the original there is the phenomenon of tight supply, but the main supplier of Japan's Toyo carbon (ToyoTanso) because the factory is located in Kagawa Prefecture, away from the disaster, but also not been seriously affected.
Package silicone (SiliconeLens) the world's major suppliers include Shin-Etsu Chemical and Dow Corning (DowCorning). However, Shin-Etsu Chemical plant is located in Gunma, inconvenience and lack of electricity in transportation cases, reportedly, there are many packaging materials packaging manufacturers that supply tight.
Fluorescent powder (Phosphors), including at major Japanese manufacturers of Asia, and Mitsubishi Chemical. Which Nichia has been provided of the yellow phosphor (YAG), applied to emphasize areas of high color rendering LED backlit TV applications. Mitsubishi Chemical in red and green phosphors occupies a large market share, its Odawara City plant some distance away from the disaster area, but also met a traffic impact factors and limited power. Part of the LED package manufacturers are beginning to reflect a little tight supply of fluorescent powder.

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