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Six issues a solution: LED

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Once the outdoor laptop use, not so handy: one bright light to see the contents of the display is not clear; Second, the short battery life; third, thin body is not enough; four, will have harmful rays; V. Seismic is not strong; six, low temperature display does not work.

Six issues a solution: LED.

Globally, last year's LED notebook penetration rate in the 3% of the next two years, this figure will become 15% and 30%, indicating a strong LED technology. A comparative study of trends that we found, in fact, prospects have never been so clear: after 2010, with the wide application of LED technology, most notebooks on the lawn in the park accessibility using both light and clear, time and battery life long.

Use of LED technology, the general laptop battery can work for 10 hours, energy-saving effect is obvious; LED light source produces no radiation, no mercury and other toxic materials, real environmental protection; as a plane-like structure, so the LED internal structure of the solid, seismic performance beyond imagination. Organic LED display in terms of black or bright outdoor environment can have a bright display; In addition, as the material temperature adaptability, LED device can be cold at minus 40 degrees to work.

The second quarter of last year, Apple and Hewlett-Packard introduced the use of LED backlit notebook panels, the market doing well. Believe that as time goes by, more and more notebook manufacturers in the use of LED technology.

It is no exaggeration to say, LED digital light source is ideal, is the second fire and incandescent lighting after the third revolution.

LED light-emitting diodes, it has low power consumption, long life, high brightness large visual distance and so on. OLED is an organic light emitting display, it does not need backlight, using light-emitting thin organic coating can be customized to achieve many interactive applications, the subversion of traditional technology, extraordinary.

In the sunrise industry, Taiwan, China's recent performance is quite eye-catching. For example, to control the patent tiger, Taiwan, China "TSMC" enormous amount of money involved BridgeLux, LED famous enterprises that the U.S. is the founder of LED devices unit's pedigree! Because of this heavyweight event, the global LED industry will have to reshuffle.

Penetrate to the traditional lighting, the United States has made a plan, the plan said that by 2012, the luminous flux 1000lm solid-state white LED for the lighting, the price dropped to 5 dollars less! If this plan can be seriously promoted white into the general LED lighting market will really become a reality, the traditional way of lighting will be phased out.

Five giant compared with foreign and domestic in the LED production process there is still a gap to make up for dollars, many companies hire overseas technical personnel, the technical one step, direct access to high-end. So now China has a good technical level of enterprises and factories in Taiwan or less, and the international giant has also continued to narrow the gap - Nanchang optical crystal has a core of intellectual property rights; Dalian Lu Ming through the acquisition of American AXT LED chip maker received more than 40 patented core technologies and a large technical staff, significantly improve the chip manufacturing technology; Xiamen security, Dalian Road America in the chip industry has a good performance.

Although only based on domestic sales, China's rapid development of LED areas or be frown, so the Americans lost no time in the release of the patented Tiger - "337" survey, has the lead in the National Semiconductor Industry Association, China Enterprise has rapidly responding. In fact, growing up, many of our LED chip factory in Taiwan have experienced foreign lawsuit, they reached a settlement in the lawsuit, obtain patent licenses, and then continue to strengthen R & D, and then slowly grow up: This is growing pains, I believe also the leader in Xiamen and other domestic security are not avoided.

Determine the pattern of international industry in Mainland China is expected to become China's Taiwan and South Korea after the next wave of industrial transfer beneficiaries. Optoelectronics Group, Taiwan-funded products to the end of the factory opened in Suzhou; three security has invested 140 million acquisition of e-S * ST-day aging technology, high-profile access to capital markets; Korean giant LumiMicro is also a strong expansion of the Mainland; Nanchang optical crystal silicon GaN substrate and the Dalian Road project the U.S. blue chip core technologies are a globally competitive; nest LED semiconductor chip project awarded by the Ching-core optical, but also completely reversed the high-end LED chips of foreign monopoly of the domestic market situation. In addition, LED downstream packaging is labor-intensive, while gallium and indium reserves in China account for more than Qicheng the world, these are the unique advantages of our LED industry.

The current trend clearly tells us that white, LED industry chain has been extended straight to China, an unprecedented opportunity has arrived. However, the ability of billions of dollars in this class have the right to speak on a platter, torture is bound to the industrialization of the domestic industry capacity.

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