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The impact of Japan's earthquake disaster LED electronics industry development perspective

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From the electronics industry as a whole, the Japanese earthquake will cause a global electronic component supply shocks. Meanwhile, Japan as a global electronics demand power in the short term the demand for consumer electronics, have some negative impact.
According to isuppli statistics, in 2010, accounting for the Japanese electronics output of 13.9% global market share, the same year, the Japanese semiconductor market share of total global production of more than 20%, from the electronics industry as a whole, Japan, earthquake on the global electronic components supply caused by the attacks. Meanwhile, Japan as a global electronics demand power in the short term the demand for consumer electronics, have some negative impact.
The long term, the domestic semiconductor industry will benefit from Japan's post-disaster reconstruction and the transfer of production processes.
Japan's long-term post-disaster reconstruction, especially on the overall electronics industry, consumer electronics, green energy, clean energy and other related fields to boost demand for a positive impact.
In addition, the earthquake will speed up the Japanese companies to some extent the process of relocation of production capacity, the domestic electronics industry to form long-term good.
Japan's passive components manufacturers affected large proportion of domestic firms is expected to expand exports
Japan is the world's largest producer of RCL and quartz devices. Although the quake did not seriously jeopardize the local manufacturing plant, but the resulting shortage of electricity and raw material supply, and thus indirectly to the production of passive devices affect plant. We believe that this effect in the next 3-9 months will not be eliminated, which is already tight supply of passive components industry worse. Especially the huge demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitor production requirements of industry and high precision MLCC industry, production capacity greater impact.
Affected by a large Japanese semiconductor manufacturers, to supply or the impact IPAD2
Northeast area earthquake fab in Japan (Shin-Etsu) and Toshiba's memory and CMOS factory have a certain impact, short-term will cause the memory DRAM, NAND products and some high-end chip, as well as digital optical devices causing shortages and price increases. For the downstream, such as Apple and other smartphone vendors, PC manufacturers, the upstream production capacity will result in downstream capacity is limited and costs.
Japanese panel makers affected to a lesser extent, the panel secure key raw material production
TFT-LCD industry chain, most companies focused in the Kansai, Osaka, Kobe, Kyushu, Shikoku and so far from the center of the earthquake in western Japan, the Japanese TFT-LCD industrial chain affected by the earthquake are limited. Is expected there will be a part of the raw material short-term stress, poor logistics situation, but with the weakening of seismic activity, production order will be gradually restored, and therefore have limited impact on the global LCD panel industry.
Japanese LED manufacturers affected to a lesser extent, the Japanese domestic manufacturers involved in the reconstruction process is expected to
Production of LED chips of the two major Japanese manufacturers Nichia and Toyoda Gosei, in this earthquake were not sub-factory is shut down the message, the hardest hit is very small. However, demand for LED lighting in Japan is gradually rising, especially in the earthquake, along with the reconstruction work to start, the demand for LED lighting will also increase in the short term, help to improve the domestic export sales of LED chip companies .

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