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Led all applications can not be overlooked several issues

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LED light source is widely used in lighting the field would be a revolution in the history of mankind lighting, now used in lighting the field of LED lighting products more, such as LED guardrail lamps, LED lawn light, LED lighting, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights. The reason why more and more widely with the advantages of LED light source itself are inseparable. LED light on energy saving, long life, no radiation (green light), etc., we should have a better understanding, the following LED products with several problems related.
Constant current DC power supply should be used
Some manufacturers use in order to reduce product cost, "RC-buck" approach to LED products, power supply, this will directly affect the life of LED products. Using a dedicated switching power supply (preferably constant current source) to power LED products will not affect the product's life, but the product cost is relatively high.
Anti-static measures should be done
LED products in the process to be used during the production of certain anti-static measures, such as: bench to ground, the workers wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, and with anti-static gloves, anti-static conditions can be installed ion fans, but also to ensure that the workshop about 65% humidity, the air is too dry to avoid static electricity, especially the green LED is more likely to be relatively static electricity damage. In addition, the different quality grades are not the same LED antistatic ability, quality, high-grade LED antistatic ability is stronger.
Will pay attention to the temperature resistance of smaller LED
After the external environment when the temperature rises, LED light source resistance will reduce, the use of regulated power supply will cause LED operating current increases, when more than its rated current, it will affect the service life of LED products, will be a serious LED light source to "burn out", so the best selection of current source power supply, to ensure that the work of LED current from the outside temperature.
Sealed LED products
Whatever the LED products, when applied to outdoor, are faced with waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problems if not properly handled will directly affect the life of LED products. Now a small number of relatively high quality requirements of product manufacturers using the traditional epoxy resin "water" method to seal the LED products, this method is cumbersome to operate, for the larger LED products (such as LED fence light) not very suitable, can also cause weight gain products.
LED guardrail light control technology
LED guardrail lamps currently the most widely used control technique is the "serial communication" approach (to DXM512 protocol based). The advantage is that each light rails no specific "code" can be any exchange between each to facilitate the production and installation. But its biggest drawback is that if there is a damaged, it will directly affect all the fence behind the lights, as in the single lane of cars on the highway, if there is a car "broke down", it will cause all the cars behind it can not be normal operation. For the hundreds or even thousands of meters of the fence light engineering, due to external factors and the quality of the product itself and other factors, it is difficult to ensure that every problem is not a light rails, so it is likely to cause "traffic paralysis" phenomenon.
In addition, LED light source currently on the market under The quality varied widely, not only of good quality and high brightness LED light source, light decay is also small, anti-static capability also strong, will determine its long life, but its price is cheaper than The LED light source several times higher. We will often see some LED lighting project at the beginning is indeed very beautiful, but soon "incomplete incomplete," and some delays can not even hand over the project. Therefore, manufacturers and users not in the price, "flame." Use good quality LED light source, and take effective measures to ensure the technical quality of the products is the way LED.

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