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Outdoor LED large screen through general assistance blockbuster outdoor media advertising company

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A few days ago, held in Seoul, Korea G20 summit, Rui to get a President Obama to the opportunity to ask questions, and Obama had some brief verbal confrontation, and thus become an overnight success, this "represents the gate "In between the two countries caused widespread public hot. Similarly, long ago, China's largest LED display services, one-pass technology has just released a general led the ultimate outdoor big screen-TOP Ⅰ, but also to bring China's advertising industry is not a small shock can be described as a "blockbuster." With its comprehensive features and demonstrate the value of the domestic outdoor media companies began to be "TOP Ⅰ" low-cost, easy to use, quick application of the characteristics of attractive returns, according to internal staff through general said, there are already thousands of square feet of "TOP Ⅰ" LED big screen has its own master.
In recent years, with the rapid development of the advertising industry, more and more media advertising businesses see large screen LED business model for its restructuring, the growth rate of the important value of speed. However, the higher is the so-called expectations, disappointment, and many enterprises in the LED failed on the big screen experience of marketing, again and again to combat the industry's confidence.

Yu X, Hong, Shanghai and a giant outdoor media, the past few years, they have been trying to find an effective outdoor marketing to accelerate business development and brand building. Yu X, Hong spoke: "We have X the mass media, business information dissemination to the indoor display screen on the building, the achievements of an industry myth. But the X is limited to the mass media in the room, if we can integrate the outdoor advertising then, is an opportunity for us. So spend millions to buy a number of high-end position and LED advertising display equipment, early last year in Guangzhou, with 50 million and a well-known enterprises to obtain a 300 square meters of outdoor advertising 5 years of tenure, is supposed to bring good benefits to the company, but the use of LED display screen is not ideal and the opponent's malicious competition, nearly two years down, complain again and again not only by the joint venture of LED advertising display equipment maintenance costs of high-end screen is overwhelmed, the thought that the money will be thrown into a high return, may be a long wait but it is nothing. "

Chinese outdoor advertising media, from static to dynamic changes in the tragic history of advertising, such as small and medium enterprises in Hong Yu X certainly unusual. Many LED display manufacturers are eager to seize the small and medium enterprises to seize the outdoor advertising market psychology, media companies holding outdoor advertising display outdoor led the mentality is not enough recognition to sell their products immature. Side of the small outdoor media companies face the temptation of dynamic advertising market, while facing the proliferation of hundreds of large and small in Shenzhen, the display-related manufacturers, faced with the quality of their mixed fish heads, afraid that like Yu X, Hong end, anxious that they know what to do. Small and medium enterprises increasingly confused in public when advertising, they found that S & P made through large-screen outdoor LED is not their fear, but more closely represents a number of incense such as Yu X voice of business: quality, service price.

S & P companies have used through the large screen LED outdoor media company in Zhejiang Province after use of a so talked about: "At first we did not quite believe the big screen through universal LED outdoor advertising to do the dynamic rate of return, the reason for application, mainly based on LED display on the S & P brand through the trust and attention, and lower input costs, effectiveness and impact really surprised us. I heard through the company introduced an upgraded version of Pu's big screen outdoor LED products "TOP Ⅰ", its better display, the picture is more shock and awe, recently still in the "LED outdoor big screen-TOP Ⅰ feedback activities of the truth", if still worry about the outdoor advertising equipment dynamic, I think it should go and see. "

LED display device carries the dream of sailing achievements of many SMEs, and hold up the ship "ship" Water is the manufacture of quality LED displays, LED display through & Poor's is the result of over channel thin processes and through the spirit of universal human Haier manufacturing, are concentrated with each pass a general display of people's sweat, which is the secret of rapid growth through general.

According to Tong, general manager of S & P said, at the moment, the first cooperation of the first batch of business owners have significant benefits, through the amount of P's customers have been showing blowout situation. If Rui's blockbuster is the election of the occasion and object, then the media companies are selected on the tools and service providers of equipment and, most crucially, the cost of business becomes cut costs.

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