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Dialight to expand Middle East operations

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UK - Dialight announced three accept their fate, which was an important strategic position in the Middle East, the risk of workplace for many years and has successfully developed the business area. They will place the company solid-state lighting business risk to contribute to sustainable development.

Lee Westwood and Costas Yarrow joined Dialight's UK team as regional sales manager, brings 40 years of equipment in dangerous places of work experience. Lee, a division of Emerson before Appleton ATX, LEE scope of work includes installation of equipment, detailed instructions and dangerous places. Costas before Whitecroft Lighting Company, the company initially engaged in dangerous places and petrochemical markets, and later engaged in the sale of industrial and commercial applications.

Pieter Zijlmans joined Dialight dangerous places as the Middle East, and industrial lighting, general manager, before 5 years of work in the field of oil and natural gas, most recently as general manager of the Middle East TKH Group, TKH Group is a Dutch listed companies to provide communications, electronic engineering and industrial electrolysis Solution.

Pieter said: "From my experience, in the Middle East, the introduction of innovative energy-saving products for oil and gas companies, energy companies and a win-win for both the local government. It can invest in a sustainable future for the same time, save money, operations Costs, reduce carbon emissions. "He cited this year for some time before the authorities of Dubai Electricity and Water and Environment Department of Commerce Senior Manager Mr. Mohammed Al Jariri, the words: "LED lighting products will help the region save rather than consume energy. "

Dialight CEO Roy Burton said: "These new appointments will enable us to speed up the important risk areas lighting sales development. Now we have a new office in the Middle East, we can very well positioned to expand their businesses. will Dialight built in Europe, Asia and the Sub-sector market leader in LED lighting. "
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