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Dongfeng Xu Feng by economic restructuring recurrence optical LED ready

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Second Five-Year Plan, the central government will accelerate the transformation of economic development on a more important and prominent position, riding on the country's economic restructuring of the east, to develop energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED applied Pa City, Hebei responsibility Optoelectronics Technology Co., Feng Xu company, 2011 will be based on capacity, the development of agents, to develop the international market, start a new expansion path.

LED (Light-Emitting-Diode Chinese meaning light-emitting diode) is a kind of energy into visible light to the semiconductor, which glow with incandescent tungsten lamps with energy-saving light three basic principles of different pigments, the use of the electric light. LED has a long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption, is supported by the state industrial policy, has broad prospects for development. In 2009, the founding of the National Day celebration in six decades, LED floats shine, which, as Shanxi, Zhejiang floats provide LED design, installation and commissioning of Hebei Bazhou Xu Feng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of LED products high-tech companies.

During the interview, Xu Feng optical company official told reporters, Xu Feng optical company was founded in 2008, a total investment of more than 300 million, the company main LED display, LED lamp, and other high-tech products. After three years of development, Xu Feng company for its excellent quality products, quality service, sales and marketing network all over the country to win the trust of customers, the occupation of the city often

See when visiting the company's plant, workers are working overtime production, the reporter learned that, due 2011, the company orders full optical Xu Feng, product demand, in order to increase production capacity, in 2011 the company added a production line to meet growing market demand . The reason why the products Xu Feng widely welcomed by users, the first is produced by Xu Feng LED optoelectronic display, all imported high quality LED components and light-emitting devices, the company mainly production and processing equipment are imported to ensure the display module in the color temperature, brightness and other aspects of consistency, but also for the LED display the actual measurement after installation to ensure that the effect of the entire screen; Secondly, the company from product design, production to delivery, all processes have established a strict quality control system, thereby overcoming some of the arbitrariness in the above areas, temporary, unstable and non-professional weaknesses, so that the quality of our products even more remarkable, in the LED display industry has developed a unique quality advantage, Therefore, many domestic products, Xu Feng LED display the user long-term use, and highly praised by users.

Turning to the 2011 corporate marketing strategy, Xu Feng head full of confidence, he told reporters that at present, Xu Feng Optoelectronics has thousands of users in the country with nearly established a good relationship between the products of the domestic sales climbed steadily. HSBC Direct has a number of Asahi Optical Company, and the establishment of provinces in China, a number of branches established all over the north and south of the Yangtze River more than one distribution network. 2011, the company will focus on the development of agents, the aim is to expand and optimize the company marketing network, improve service quality, strengthen the company and its customers of the mutual understanding and communication, to provide momentum for the development of enterprises.

Although the optical Xu Feng has a reputation in the country, but has no management of Xu Feng interested proud Man, 2011, Xu Feng will be based on the domestic market, increase foreign export business, to improve the company's international competitiveness, Xu Feng Chang explore the international market plans to enter the international market, not the false talk, from the enterprise was established, Xu Feng committed to building the 21st century's most influential LED lighting industry, international brands, Xu Feng R & D capabilities have been clinging to the industry trend and guide the domestic LED display uniform industry standards and interfaces; company is headquartered in Bazhou LED optoelectronic industry base Xu Feng, a self-built 20,000 square meters of R & D base and production base, our products has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification , a comprehensive product index to the highest industry standards, a number of key indicators is better than the highest standards, these are for Xu Feng to lay a solid foundation of international chu

Xu Feng optical uphold the "integrity, quality, innovation" business philosophy, the "customers first" principle, I believe China's economic restructuring in the context of optical Xu Feng in promoting China's environmental protection industry in the development of LED applications accomplish much.
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