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LED heat setting up high-tech aluminum plate area

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Led the establishment of high-tech thermal expansion of aluminum plate working area, estimated in 2011 aluminum plate LED cooling point of view a single month revenue contribution of NT 5,000 million, a single month than the second half of 2010 to 2,000 million 1,000 million was the performance of The rise.
High technology that is about to take off in 2011, LED lighting, but also accelerate the pace of Taiwan companies in China, Japan, Europe and the U.S. alliance with local distributors, gradually appear in the layout of the benefits, the estimated results of the next two years, LED manufacturers show three Jumping, driving on the aluminum plate relatively LED light bar and a large demand.

2011, LED aluminum substrate product growth will show a high angle, high-tech in 2010 the proportion of revenues have accounted for nearly 10%. High-tech future, the next step in the LED industry will be cut to meet customer actively LED light bar market, the current LED packaging factory cooling aluminum plate to the main customers, as major customers in addition to LED TV LED backlight has been the major brands with global TV factory Cooperation, and start volume shipments to high-technology production capacity of existing orders for next year can only meet 5 percent to 6 percent demand, and therefore the establishment of a positive Q4 LED aluminum plate production area.

LED production capacity of aluminum plate with out one after another, the revenue share will gradually increase, with the LED production capacity expansion area completed, together with major customers demand next year, double the proportion of revenues from 2011 aluminum plate will be substantially improved monthly revenue Contribution to the point of 5,000 million. However, the high technology that has started the second half from the 2010 expansion, but the upstream equipment delivery for very long, the new production capacity in 2011 is expected to complement the customer order requirements.

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