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Verticle hexagonal LED chips launched

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Verticle Inc. today announced the launch of a hexagonal led the world's first chip. Named for its hexagonal honeycomb shape is a vertical structure LED chip, chip, specifically designed for the high-power LED applications. Yoo, executive president of Dr.Mike (MC) that aims to design the chip than the traditional rectangular or triangular structure of the crystal LED chips to create more and more light effects.
Hexagonal LED chips in cost, efficiency, and beam profile has many advantages and so on. Honeycomb chip first advantage is that each crystal on the chip, very large quantity; This is because the hexagon is the best round sealed inside the crystal. Hexagonal crystals can produce a number of chips produced in the same size than the rectangular or triangular 15% more than the number of chips. Hexagonal chip last one, but not least advantage is its light output after packaging. Honeycomb beam profile generated by the chip is very close to the optical lenses used in the design of the round circular section. However, traditional rectangular or triangular beam profile chip combined with round lenses, they tend to change.


After separation of the vertical honeycomb chip SEM graph

Compared with traditional chips, the obvious advantage of hexagonal chips, but did not realize hexagonal chip production. Mainly due to Cutting and cutting the use of traditional silicon technology is very difficult to separate. However, the chemical invented by the Verticle chip separation separation than traditional chips faster. Verticle invented the chemical separation is a highly innovative chip partitioning, chemical etching through the line and easily produce any shape of the chip. In addition, through this technology, Verticle company can deal with many crystals, which can handle the amount of chip separation is the use of conventional silicon processing chip separation volume 500 times.

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