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U.S. LED bulb into the house more energy efficient high light efficiency

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Than other types of LED lighting lamps and light bulbs more efficient, longer life. According to usage, the service life of up to 20-30 years. With different CFL, led light stable, there is no flicker. Off, turn on the lights to increase not decrease the number of its service life.
LED lighting is the inadequacy of blue light, was light, the feeling of cold, especially when compared with the incandescent lamp. Other defects include light to direct light, direct light suitable for the spotlight, but not for table lamps. And the LED is expensive, not readily available in ordinary shops.

LED bulbs

But all the above will be fundamentally changed. In the United States Federal Government initiative to improve the efficiency of lighting, consumer lighting company began producing LED lamp, installed base to make the familiar occurrence of diffuse reflection. LED lamp output is still relatively low at present, but the quality is very good.

Florida Lighting Science Group (LightingScienceGroup) for the U.S. chain Home Depot (HomeDepot) provide EcoSmartLED bulb. Even if the light bulb inventor Thomas Edison (ThomasEdison) and then the world, I am afraid not know EcoSmart bulb: EcoSmart cone-shaped bulb for the wing, wing-like piece for the radiator, the top flat, scattered light.

In the past year, lighting the traditional lamp manufacturers have introduced LED bulbs close, although they can not use current technology such as LED light bulbs that light emission from all directions, but can be well dispersed light, the user can on the roof LED bulbs use which.

The key is the LED light bulb prices have fallen, Lighting Science Group, which produces the equivalent of 40-watt LED bulb lighting the price of 20 dollars. End of this month will be able to purchase online or through Home Depot stores to buy, but also to buy other companies in the LED bulb.

Brightness, contrast energy and money:

Compared by installing EcoSmartA19 concluded: LED bulbs are white, unlike the CFL as yellow. EcoSmartA19 rated at 8.6 watts, the actual power consumption of 6 watts, equivalent to 40 watt ordinary light bulb. CFL in the same nominal power as the real power 9-13 watts. But the A19 output 429 lumens brightness, the brightness is not enough.

Lighting Science Group CEO Zhakaliji Buller (ZacharyGibler), said the first quarter of next year, the company will launch the equivalent of 60 Wapu brightness LED bulb through the lamp, the brightness will reach 800 lumens, the actual power consumption is only 9 watts. Other companies are also actively introduce LED lighting bulbs, Sylvania, Philips, General Electric, LemnisLighting so plan to launch the equivalent of 60 Wapu brightness LED light bulb through the lamp.

LED light bulb has not yet determined the price, but Ji Bule said the equivalent of 60 Wapu brightness LED lamp bulb through cost about 35 dollars, over time, saving the electricity consumption rather objective, but a light bulb terms, the price still seems too high. Ji Bule said: "We will ultimately lead to new technologies and match the light output and quality to customers affordable LED light bulbs replace the current halogen and incandescent light bulbs to highlight the attractiveness of LED bulbs."

LED bulbs in certain situations has its unique advantages, as according to lights and the place is not easy to replace light bulbs, LED prices even higher, installed in these places long life LED bulbs are of great significance for most people. As manufacturers continue to improve technology, LED bulbs will eventually drop the price, like chips, flat panel computers and other high-tech products, as, in time, the price will gradually decline.

Ji Bule is expected to pass within two years, equivalent to 60 light bulbs LED bulbs Wapu prices will be reduced to less than 10 dollars. Public sector will provide incentives to lower prices even more sharply, so that LED light bulbs more popular. In the future not only to compare lumens per watt, lumens per watt per dollar but.

Cognitive lumens

Consumers should pay attention to LED bulbs praise exaggerated. U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged LED manufacturers - American Lighting, claiming that the company overstated its LED lamp output and life expectancy. U.S. Department of Energy later this year a detailed plan will be developed by a number of retailers and prove that the company involved, to help users informed of new lighting technology.

Department of Energy responsible for the lighting project director James Broderick (JamesBrodrick) said: "We want consumers to purchase lighting products using the new high-tech terms. LED bulbs are no longer judged by the rated power watts, but efficient use of display color temperature and lumens per watt to express. In general, if the brightness of less than 800 lumens, you can not pass as the equivalent of 60 Wapu lamp brightness.

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