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Polycrystalline brightness LED package cooling gradually gained the upper hand on Climate

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led lighting openly into the door, making its brightness as the object of all manufacturers picky. After all, will be assembled into LED light bulbs, the number is the total lumen output LED lamps can meet the lighting needs, and the key to replace the traditional light bulb. But, although the high-power LED chips packaged in single crystal can be higher under the lumen, but in the light-emitting efficiency of low-power LED chips Queyuanburu. This also makes the LED packaging factory points to go downstream two factions, one is designed to take the mainstream high-power LED chip packaging factory and those who are low-power LED chips hit polycrystalline package (multi-chippackage) package plant.
Single-crystal high-power LED packaging technology has matured in the lighting market, LED application of these techniques also proved feasible in the light on, but LED lighting when used in single-crystal packages, is prone to glare, and uncomfortable Color, technically still need a breakthrough. In addition to masks or lens through the second optical methods such as addition, there is no other better solution. In addition, the high-power single-chip package, Although a mature production technology, but the single-chip high current (> 700mA) in the case of the operation, the chip will have a very high density of the hot heat, the phase which makes packaging factory In the packages, but also must consider the thermal stress on the solid crystal and the welding of the derivative problem.

In contrast, under the same total power, low-power chips will not only have higher lumen, and scattered in all the heat on the chip, but more difficult to have hot spots. So just on the characteristics of light and heat performance, low-power multi-crystal package but is prevailed.

Of course, the firms are still constantly working to improve the number of LED lighting lumens. Edison Opto has introduced customized package of polycrystalline high-pressure LED products, LED light bulbs hit the market, the product the best light-emitting efficiency of up to 120 lumens per watt, the new product was recently shipped smoothly. Wu Jianrong Edison chairman, said in addition to main high-voltage LED lighting market, how to reduce product costs, but also the future Edison product development a major consideration.

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