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Horizontal integration of the lighting industry has become the development trend of the future

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Electrical market profits for many lighting companies eyeing their use of electrical lighting products into the stores have on Opportunities electrical products, however, this horizontal integration is not a one-way. I found that this situation also exists electric companies.
Lighting companies to enter the electrical field, so many electric companies face greater competitive pressure, in response to these pressures, some electric companies competing for market considerations, on the one hand optimize their electrical channels on the other hand, have started lighting products . Although they encountered temporary channels dispersed in a passive position, but some still dare to try the electric company gained market recognition.

March of this year, Zhejiang Wang Bang began to launch its own electrical energy-saving lighting products R & D, and an order in July to obtain good results at the meeting, which made the first electrical test the water tasted the sweetness of Wang Bang. Wang Bang Electric chairman Wang Xingchuan introduced by Wang Bang mature electrical appliances to launch a number of lighting channels to expand product lines, as of October this year, Wang Bang electrical distributors all getting goods to the manufacturers of the second.

In addition to Wang Bang Electric, the march to the lighting Arnaud electrical appliances and also Opp. This year in July, Opp Electric began planning "Opp household electrical"big idea, the current products still under development stage, is expected to officially launch next year. According to Opp Electric chairman Dingze expected in the next few years, the electrical lighting products will be more and more enterprises, when the lighting industry and the electrical industry integration trend will gradually appear.

Arnault, chairman of Zhucheng Peng believes that a single electrical products too, the face of fierce competition is inevitable in a passive, so the company won a new trademark "Lemon Electric " immediately after the R & D investment in lighting products, in October of this year, Levin Mongolia introduced electrical lighting products.

Industry estimates, the region of Guangdong and Zhejiang Electric Company, represented by the trend of development of lighting products will be intensified, with the lighting industry and electrical industry, product and channel overlap, there will be more channels from the electric company to building materials Markets, hardware stores and street shops transferred to the lighting store.

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