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Analysis of the Korean Peninsula and other panel makers in Taiwan LED effects

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According to foreign reports, South Korea and North Korea on November 23 and mass fire. Department of the Korean TFT-LCD LCD panel plant in the third quarter of this year, up to 50% global market share remains above positive developments in recent years led epitaxy upstream capacity, if the ongoing follow-up to war, do not rule out the influence of Korean panel and LED supply situation, the main competitor for the Department of Taiwan panel makers, panel supply chain vendors, as well as the upstream LED epitaxy / grain firms, on the news of short-term should have a positive effect. As for the specific impact of long-term, then it will have to observe the war in Korea, Department of panel plant production and caused substantial damage to the business.
If the time and the war in the Korean peninsula continue to expand the scope of the possible impact of the industry panel, how? Industry believe that the preliminary assessment by the relatively large impact, or will the Korean panel makers themselves the main line. The Taiwan-based panel makers, even the Korean-brand customer orders to undertake the Taiwan-based panel makers, panel line is directly shipped to the Korean ODM manufacturers, for example, exports to Eastern Europe or South America and other areas of assembly, so the actual impact of less .

On the other hand, the war on the Korean Peninsula may also imports Korean panel makers, system components to acquire, create difficulties. Department for Korean panel factory, the brand manufacturers of components suppliers, delivery may be some variables. But also look at the place of delivery components in South Korea, or in the South Korean companies in overseas factories. In addition, South Korea, unstable situation on the ground, may also increase the relative demand for foreign key components in this area has to be seen.

South Korean manufacturers Samsung and the LG Display panel production lines, and aggressive expansion in recent years, the development of South Korea LED epitaxial MOCVD machine production capacity, mainly located in Korea, North Korea fired the current market for Taiwan panel makers, Department of Plant and LED epitaxy effects of short-term and more inclined to a positive interpretation. Primarily of firm may include panel maker AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Caijing, and the LED epitaxial maker Epistar, Formosa Epitaxy, Thai Valley, the new century and more.

WitsView analysis of market research firm pointed out that South Korea's global market share in the panel industry is very high, and South Korea are also strongly LED capacity expansion, if the impact of political factors increase the follow-up, optimistic, Taiwan manufacturer or have the opportunity to replace the Korean series manufacturers, to secure more orders and speed up the proportion of increase supply. The panel and the price of some key components, will also have the opportunity to rise.

According to statistics, South Korea, Department of panel makers this year's global market share is estimated at 48% of the panel, the Taiwan plant estimated about 43% market share, if the single point of view on the large-size panels, factory of Korea estimated 50% market share this year, Taiwan plant market share estimated at 40% or less. In 2010 the output value of the global LED industry, the distribution of Japanese firms estimated 26% market share, estimated 23% of Korean plant, Taiwan companies estimated 19% market share. Either panel or LED, South Korea and Taiwan companies have factories are highly competitive.
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