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LED lighting will be the potential blowout into the homes of ordinary people

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Came 130 years of energy-per-watt incandescent bulb produces only 15 lumens of brightness, while 60 years ago the birth of the fluorescent tubes, energy efficiency, though now its up to 60 to 90 lumens per watt brightness, but in addition to energy savings, many other shortcomings and possible problems arising are also worthy of attention:

Classroom lighting
"My children in school more than a year, decreased visual acuity on the" This is an attentive mother to worry about vision loss, she always thought that the problem is reading position, recently learned that the school environment is not lighting scientific cause. Latest national sample of primary and secondary prevention of myopia monitoring results show: myopia rate is 26.96% of primary school students; junior high school students was 53.43%; high school students and more than 72%. At present, primary and secondary industry, the problem of declining visual acuity of Health has caused the lighting experts and scholars of the general concern that in addition to the heavy burden of study, the use of eye health and light environment is an important reason can not be ignored.

Expert advice: choose the lighting in the classroom should be led to 4000K color temperature of about medium as the main source. The high and low color temperature light source, can increase students as brain fatigue and fatigue, reduced learning efficiency, the classroom should not be used as the primary source.

Shopping lighting

According to media reports, some members of the public in November holiday in Nanjing had a strange illness, as long as a mall will feel dizziness, chest tightness and other physical discomfort and the feeling with the increased growth of shopping time, but once you leave symptoms will go away after shopping. Analysis by health experts because these symptoms than population density is too large, poorly ventilated, the mall's ultraviolet energy-saving lamps, strobe, electromagnetic radiation are also important causes.

The chief culprit in the above case the original is also energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps are known to use ultraviolet light to form mercury vapor, and then to ultraviolet excited light-emitting phosphors, since there will be sharp and intermittent stroboscopic spectrum, electromagnetic radiation and other adverse health problems .

The LED lighting is the application of high-end backlight technology, LED light source after refraction and reflection of light to spread, making it uniform, soft light of the surface light source, and will control the distribution of light in the design range of light intensity distribution curve, so that does not produce glare. The face of real-life problems I listed some of the traditional energy-saving lamps and led lamps scattered knowledge to readers.

First, the principle of energy-saving light emitting mercury vapor is excited by light, so each energy-saving lamps are mercury. Even according to the latest European environmental standards, an energy-saving lamp mercury content is about 3 - 5 mg. Once broken, only 3 mg will be about 1,000 tons of water pollution, 300 cubic meters of air! It was predicted that mental illness will be popular in this century, mainly because of mercury poisoning, damage nerves.
LED solid light source, mercury and harmful gases, so the environmental pollution.

Second, China Medical University, Institute of Dermatology and skin care research shows that: under the fluorescent lights work, study the absorption of ultraviolet light very day in the sun exposure for one hour. Ultraviolet radiation directly impairs the immune system, anti-white blood cells, damage nucleic acid and protein chemical bonds, causing genetic (DNA) variation, and even cancer.

LED lighting is no UV radiation source, not lure mosquitoes, not only healthy and clean, is the first choice for home lighting

Third, the European Commission on Illumination (EuropeanCommission) issued a "90/270/EC Guide", stressed the need to address and reduce the lighting of the stroboscopic effect, to solve the cause for migraine headaches and visual nervous system lesions. Our civil AC is 50HZ, second fluorescent light to flash 50 times, in which flashing light following a long time people tend to myopia (you can think: from the dish lamp, kerosene lamp to incandescent, fluorescent, lighting levels gradually increased and the vision of young people has decreased year by year, but also growing younger age level.); moving objects ghosting occurs, such as gym classes can not use fluorescent lamps, especially as table tennis, badminton and other ball under fluorescent lamps in the class is almost impossible to compete, produce the rotating machine shop class in the fluorescent lighting when the human eye would have the illusion of reversal or stationary, and lead to accidents.

LED lighting fixtures are low voltage DC power supply, power supply cycle of sexual intercourse there is no change, so there is no stroboscopic effect, eliminating the traditional strobe light triggered by visual and other hazards, is now recognized for vision, good vision, especially the young health lamps.
Fourth, the current energy-saving lamps and people used mobile phones, computers, as in the work will be sent out when the electromagnetic radiation, according to the British Medical Research Center, University of Cambridge, the Vienna headquarters of the International Commission on Illumination studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation can cause palpitations, insomnia, leukopenia , memory loss, to cardiovascular and other organs, nervous system damage, and electromagnetic radiation damage is cumulative.

LED light source in the DC / low voltage mode of operation, electromagnetic radiation, there would be no harm to human form of electromagnetic radiation.
In addition, some company's patented LED lights with LED high power supply, and suitable for wide-voltage power supply, universal (85V-280V) to ensure that life and brightness from voltage fluctuations, the electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, light effective than 120LM / W, more than 92% power than incandescent bulbs, energy saving lamp energy saving than the traditional 80%, the service life of up to 15 years, greatly reducing the source of the replacement and maintenance costs, and the current high price of energy-saving lamps not expensive (high-quality energy-saving lamp 1 per / watt, LED lights 10 / W).

LED lighting color temperature from 2,000 ~ 8,000 K, covering 3,000 K in the morning, 5,500 K and 2,500 K at noon sunlight sunset sunshine. Low color temperature of light will give people a friendly, warm feeling, makes the body relax, and help you sleep, while high color temperature of white light, gives a fresh, light feeling, people in good spirit, can stimulate the production of hormones awake, different color temperature can regulate the human biological clock and the biological rhythm. Color temperature of the human biological clock and the important health effects, should be the primary function of target illumination, LED lamp color temperature is the alternative.

These are energy-saving LED lighting lamps and traditional knowledge, promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the global environment, and our concern for the health of themselves and their families to proceed, we should also make a rational choice.

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