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LED lights will become the mainstream lighting market next car

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Now surely every office worker, returned home after work the first thing is to open all with the "power" word on things: television, computers, lights ... ... for some relaxed their leisure.
Said LED we all should not be unfamiliar, and should be a new Samsung LED TV advertising has a profound impression on it, to overturn the traditional TV standards, innovative pretty light quality, 2.99cm thin body such as paper, lead-free green while also saving energy, this way will be the majority of consumers, LED TV to ultra-thin, bright spots become the new darling of the energy.

Audi R8LED lights

As LED technology continues to evolve, evolution, and its application in the automotive sector is also increasingly widespread up. However, manufacturers currently in Lamp LED, backlight and lighting on the three major application market is still in development, certification stage, the demand for lean industrial growth this year contribution that small degree, but the speed with industry next year, LED makers In the light, backlight and lighting a large number of applications have three major areas.

LED lights for the automotive market, the United States, Japan, Europe, some of the luxury car has begun to use LED lighting parts, with China's economic development, automotive and motorcycle industry, the rapid progress in recent years, and its complementary products vehicle motorcycle lamp lights and synchronized demand will rise. Although a few years ago, LED lights slow market expansion is expected to be rapid development the past two years, and in each car before the combination of lights, lights in the latter group is expected to have 1 or 2 lamps (such as post- moving lights, turn signals, after) the use of LED light sources. LED as a light source is called the fourth generation car, LED lights higher than a one-time investment, but with good quality and taste can not compare the benefits of higher incandescent.

1 September as oil prices rise, the development of new energy vehicles will be of concern, so energy saving is the main topic of widespread concern. LED energy-saving huge advantage on the highlights, I believe often concerned about the new Audi models may know, over the past few years been the increasing use of the brake lights on the LED (light-emitting diodes: direct by the energy can be converted into light crystalline semiconductor compounds can be made of gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide are its basic materials.) appear in the car headlights in comparison with the traditional incandescent lamps, LED headlamps made lighting effects not only high, but energy consumption low. Illumination in the same case, the high-power light emitting diode when the demand for electricity is half the halogen headlights. Although in the present circumstances, LED has not yet reached the level of energy-saving Xenon headlights, but the technology still has great development potential.

LED lamp Car Decorative and functional lamp is divided into two major categories

Decorative landscaping lights both inside and outside the main locomotive for use either car show in the role, the current control circuit to achieve more with colorful transformation. Function LED light ideal for digital instrument display backlight light assembly, front and rear turn lights, brake lights, contour lights, reversing lights, fog lamps, reading lamps. LED's use of the basic requirements of the LED and the general use of similar, but the angle of the LED, color, brightness, voltage, discrete, light failure, cooling, anti-violet and higher reliability.

LED light technology has in fact not just a play a so-called "vase" of decoration, LED energy saving long life will be with its own characteristics will become increasingly emerged as the future direction of development of automotive lighting.

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