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In 2010, the number of LED lights by 42% up to 870,000, the module into a trend

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For future development of LED lamps, LED industry, research institutions LEDinside said that despite the street standards are not complete, still in accordance with specifications drawn up around the different needs, but the LED lights go modular, and intelligent control system of LED lights will be more complete, estimates 2010 The number of devices in global LED street lamp about 870,000, compared with 610,000 in 2009 grew 42.62%.
LED street lamp market hot, but there are a lot of room for growth in the number of installed capacity

The global market perspective, LEDinside said, LED street lamp standards around the world are also developing among the fastest progress in the Taiwan region, launched the LED streetlights CNS 15233 standards, China is still required for the road lighting the traditional lamp for standard CJJ45 and the LED lights around the government's case or to regulate the standard form of the audit, the United States, Europe and the LED lights specifications are still under development, the current standard for LED lighting to observe, or will the angle for the light quality and light failure strict requirements to do so.

Nevertheless, in 2010 the development of LED lights can be seen several trends, LEDinside said, LED has the advantage of easy modular replacement to help reduce maintenance costs, more and more LED lamp manufacturers introduced modular LED lamp products, some manufacturers will integrate optical and electrical heat sink in a single module, part of the company is based on the separation of light source modules and the form of the radiator.

Another important trend is the intelligent LED street light system, LEDinside that the current intelligence system according to road conditions, based on whether someone car passed, or the environment to control the LED lights switch, adjust the brightness, thereby increasing the service life of LED lights and energy conservation, intelligent systems with solar or wind power, the power source can be self-sufficient, do not need to rely on electricity, is conducive to off-grid applications in remote areas, the future development of the environment can be adjusted automatically according to different brightness, color, orientation, can also be used for lighting conditions in real-time monitoring.

On the policy side, the current development of China's most active LED lights and the Taiwan government in 2010 on the LED lights turn subsidy policy for the Taiwan government policy to support LED lights through the vendor's transitional mission has been reached, so on the LED industry in 2010 grants will be directed towards the LED lights into the road marking, signal lights and other uses.

China side, LEDinside said that in 2009 China LED street light about 250,000 the number of devices is estimated to 2010, China LED street lamp market will grow 60% to reach 400,000 more than the size, while in 2010 the Chinese government for LED industry subsidy policies have changed and will be turning to indoor lighting, outdoor lighting.

U.S. China currently is not a similar large-scale government-led LED lights grant program, are based around the current state of self-government or to promote the main power company to Los Angeles in early 2008 raised 14 million 5-year The street lamp standard case most receive much attention, the number of Los Angeles street up to 209,000, second only to New York City, United States, the standard case from 2008 to 30,000 per year the speed of replacement.

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