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LED light source LED in the glass industry to play a role in the

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Recently, after market research found a very leading LED glass has quietly come out. Carefully review the relevant material, recently surprised to find that this building decoration materials, turned out to be independent R & D and production of domestic manufacturers, and have obtained many national patents.

New environment-friendly energy-saving materials-LED Glass

Recently, the Ministry has approved Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen 5 to as LED industry base. 5 large industrial base by the projected targets, it is estimated that by 2010, the Chinese LED industry output to more than 150 billion yuan. At the same time, the first domestic production of LED glass company - Chun Hua Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., was established in Shanghai, the Asia-Pacific marketing center, and access to scientific and technological innovation in the 2009 Technological Invention Award, also honored the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai LED glass material supply providers.

Faced with this honor, respect, General Manager Mr. Chen Yao Hua Electronics is very calm, he believes that the current market, LED light source as an energy saving in the use of the field of glass industry has been for many years, but how to maintain the original characteristics of LED and glass area, has been a technical problem. And respect the Chinese electronics in 2007, gained the national invention patent of the technology, and to respect China LED Glass become more city lighting engineering and architectural design units of the recommended products. In recent years, electronics has been for more respect for China's glass industry cooperation model exploration, he believes, this new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials in the future will play a more important role in industrial development.

The use of LED glass is a patented technology (patent has been formally approved by the State), with the LED light source to form a specific pattern, images, logos, implanted glass, arranged in different patterns within the glass and to produce light through the NC change to the flash point of order and the products, is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials. The material is designed for building materials may be areas of both the technical features or the production process, the building decoration and home life, will lead the traditional glass into the "light green future" as a new realm.

LED glass, laminated glass not only retained the advantages of secure, transparent, moisture and block ultraviolet rays and increases the internal self-luminous glass special effects, through the design of pattern changes, and the glass of the practical, artistic, ornamental, decorative in the construction design will increase the designer's inspiration, and thus the construction, lighting, decoration and other industries use to enhance the usability and aesthetics.

The new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials can be widely applied to various projects, large buildings, interior design, entertainment, outdoor advertising display applications.

LED used in the development of the role of the glass industry

Chun Wah LED light source LED Glass is a perfect combination of products and glass, and break the traditional concept of building and furnishing materials can be pre-designed patterns within the glass, and later by all-digital intelligent technology DMX controllable changes in gain control over the LED light source and changes in light and shade. The interior is completely transparent conductors used, the difference with ordinary metal wire, glass surface do not see any lines; special treatment after the late, after both the technical requirements, or safety requirements, have reached a state of the relevant certification standards. 2007 China Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. China statue was first obtained the national invention patent of the technology, this invention is the field of LED applications in the glass industry, a major technical breakthrough.

By respect for China LED glass, all kinds of customers for products to meet the extreme requirements, and unlimited imagination and creative thinking through the design application, whether or flat work space work, respect for China LED glass protection technology and services, allow designers and clients during the wanton expression of innovation, combined with popular or fashionable or modern elements, improve the living and the environment.

In practice, the respect for Chinese LED products can support each other design for lighting, architectural features, high-end merchandise display, the combination of home life and other aspects, to enhance the commercial products or brand value. Chun Hua Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. LED Glass in technological innovation in this field will undoubtedly optoelectronic products in the practical application of energy saving environmental protection play a crucial role in promoting.

LED Glass challenging visual impact, environmental protection and energy saving materials to create extraordinary works

Understand that the domestic use of the material design some of the works can be found in this material are designing products, designers can add your own ideas by showing the material to be perfect, whether building work or decoration work, gives the strong visual impact.

Among them, there is a special for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be produced in the "Treasure" work, bright light in the transparent glass in the flashing, the perfect spot lines, the "Treasure" in vigorous and healthy to do now is no doubt, sincere smile seems friends around the world to express their welcome. This works regardless of the complexity of LED glittering array, or in the details of the carefully designed, are taking the characteristics of this material perfectly presented.

The material can also support each other and other products designed for landscape lighting, architectural, high-end merchandise display, the combination of home life and other aspects, to enhance the commercial products or brand value.

Detailed material:

This is an LED light embedded in art glass, including primary, intermediate layer and cover, grass-roots conductive glass, conductive glass conductive lines and power interface, LED light set in the conductive lines, patterns and displayed in accordance with the required effect of the arrangement, the middle layer of PVB film, at the grass roots and cover layer, specially treated to primary, intermediate layer and cover bonding. The present invention is safe explosion-proof, durable, etc., have broad market prospects.

The new material has the following advantages:

1. Quality, through a national testing standards for safe use of the customer to provide a guarantee.

2. In the design, through the free combination of design, will play the advantages of LED and glass to the extreme, and can be discretionary, in order to meet the designer's inspiration and meet people to pursue the idea of ​​a perfect life.

3. On the technical side, through the cooperation with foreign industry experts, has now reached a considerable maturity of technology, and more on technology innovation.

4. Services, has the largest domestic production base and research center: Chun Hua Electronic Engineering in Shanghai production base.

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